Childcare & Preschool Programs in Crystal, MN

Fun & Educational Activities in a Safe Environment

(6 weeks - 16 months)

(16-33 months)

(3-4 years)

(4-5 years)

At Little Folks, we aim to provide superior programs from all ages. We create an environment where every child feels safe and secure while they’re away from home. All classrooms follow age-appropriate weekly lesson plans, with curriculum and activities designed to promote development! These lesson plans focus on several Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIP) such as: social and emotional development, physical movement and development, scientific thinking, and mathematics.

We look forward to helping your child learn and grow!

When at Little Folks, you child will be engaging in:

Physical Exercise

We offer activities that are designed to strengthen hand-eye coordination, balance, focus, and cardiovascular health!


Our daily activities are geared towards helping children learn how to socialize with one another. Allowing children to open up naturally, under loving guidelines, we can help boost kids’ confidence! We strive to always emphasize to the kids the importance of kindness, friendship, and working with others.

Hands-On Learning

Learning and exploring the world around them is not only fun for every child, but extremely beneficial to their development. At Little Folks, children are given exciting learning opportunities in many different styles.


In addition to the math and science activities happening in our center daily, our preschool and Pre-K classrooms get monthly visits from HighTouch HighTech. The kids get to visit with a scientist while they practice their scientific skills of observation, imagination, and curiosity in each new monthly topic. (Click HERE for more information!)


Children are given access to many different art supplies and activities daily to help grow their creativity. A weekly music class, Growing With Music, is also offered (Click HERE for more information)