Childcare & Preschool Services in Crystal, MN

Fun & Educational Activities in a Safe Environment

Little Folks Daycare is proud to offer superior childcare, preschool/pre-k and after school programs to families of Crystal, MN and surrounding communities. Founded in 1996, we are committed to providing an environment where every child feels safe and secure while they're away from home. We also make every effort to ensure your child feels comfortable while under our supervision. A child is more likely to flourish when they feel that all is well in their world.

Our certified and fully trained staff at Little Folks Daycare will go above and beyond to give your child the attention they deserve. We gently guide and instruct your child through each daily event, providing encouragement and support. All of our childcare and preschool activities are made to be fun and educational. We look forward to helping your child grow and develop.

When in our care your child will be provided with:

  • Physical exercise

  • - We offer activities that are designed to strengthen hand-eye coordination, balance, focus and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Group Activities

  • - Our group activities are geared towards helping children learn how to socialize with other children and share, all while having fun! While in our care, we introduce your child to the importance of working with others and hope they form lifelong friendships.
  • Learning

  • - Learning and exploring the world around them is fun for every child. At Little Folks Daycare, we gradually educate our children and preschoolers about things they will need to know and understand as they grow.
  • Nutrition

  • - Nutrition is essential to a child’s growth and overall wellbeing. Little Folks Daycare prepares meals with care in a clean and responsible kitchen that every parent can feel good about. Fresh fruit and vegetables, along with well-balanced meals are served to every child to give them with the energy and concentration they need for the day.
  • Communication

  • - Little Folks Daycare is proud of our ability to bring out the art of interaction in every child. We allow children to open up naturally under loving guidelines to help boost their confidence and become well-rounded in their school and community.
  • Music

  • - We now offer music programs for an additional $30. There are numerous benefits that come with learning how to play an instrument.Through music and song, children develop knowledge about patterns, rhymes and new vocabulary. confidence and help them be well-rounded in their school and in their community.
  • Music

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Little Folks Daycare is currently enrolling children for preschool and pre-k. For more information about our childcare services, give us a call today at 763-533-0169. We look forward to hearing from you!